Jun-Jie (Gogo) Liu


Assistant professor
Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Structural Biology
Center of Life Sciences
School of Life Sciences
Tsinghua University


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Current Members


Pujuan Deng


Email: dengpj(at)

Research Topic: 

Molecular mechanisms and applications of novel nucleic acid manipulation tool. Currently, it is very inefficient to achieve gene-specific insertion based on the traditional CRISPR system. Therefore, I want to solve structures of the tool in order to understand the molecular mechanisms by cryo-EM, and combine multidisciplinary methods to develop its multi-functional applications.


Shouyue Zhang


Email: shouyuezhang(at)

Research Topic:

Identification and development of new CRISPR-Cas nuclease systems from environmental genome samples by using bioinformatics and structural biology methods.

To explore the biological function and clinical therapeutic application of lncRNA.


Danyuan Li

Ph. D. Student

Email: li-dy18(at)

Research Topic:

I’m focusing on the structural analysis of some new Cas proteins in Class II, type V Cas systems and exploring the evolutionary association between the Cas phylogeny and tertiary structure of the tracrRNA


​Hanzhou Zhu

Ph. D. Student

Email: zhz20(at)

Research Topic:

I am mainly focusing on these parts,
I) Using Cryo-EM to analyze RNA 3D structure and mechanism. 
II) Developing a new method for RNA purification from in vivo system. 
III) RNA degradation by the exosome.


Chengping Li

Ph. D. Student

Email: lcp20(at)

Research Topic:

Excavating new CRISPR-Cas and other systems with the potential of genome editing, such as prokaryotic Argonautes and ribozymes, by bioinformatic methods. Structural determination of proteins and RNAs using Cryo-EM and related data analysis tools.


Ao Sun

Ph. D. Student

Email: sunao20(at)

Research Topic:

1) Developing new CRISPR-Cas gene editing tools
2) Searching novel CRISPR-Cas associated factors
3) Exploring other potential gene editing tools


Jiahui Zhao

Visiting Scholar 

Email: zzzjjhhh(at)

Research Topic:

I am interested in developing novel genome-editing tools beyond CRISPR-Cas systems. Replacement of RNA guides with DNA guides will greatly reduce the cost of in vivo gene editing, especially for high-throughput screening. My current research is focused on the engineering of prokaryotic Argonaute, a group of  DNA-guided endonucleases, to edit the genome of mammalian cells.


Tingxuan Yang

Visiting Scholar 

Email: wayneyoung1997(at)

Research Topic:

Understanding the gene insertion mechanism and gene editing capacity of retrospective elements via DNA, RNA, and protein complex structural analysis by cryo-electron microscope to exploit new gene-editing tools.


Zhuoyan Hai

Visiting Scholar 

Email: haizy-bnu(at)

Research Topic:

I am interested in exploiting novel CRISPR system including bioinformation mining and its biochemical mechanisms, as well as the evolutionary relationship and biological significance between gRNA and CAS protein family.


Zixian Liu

Visiting Scholar 

Email: 2017301040189(at)

Research Topic:

My work now is primarily focusing on the molecular mechanism of ribozymes.

Black Sheep


PhD Candidate



Dandan Sun

​Lab Manager

Email: dandansun(at)


Min Li

​Lab Manager

Email: limm0620(at)


Yuqian Zhao


Email: zyq031(at)

Research Topic:

My research goal is to improve gene editing efficiency of CasX in mammal cells and engineer CasX to other powerful gene editing technologies, such as base editor.